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Animal Slippers

Animal Slippers For Women & Kids

Welcome to our animal slipper collection for women & kids of all ages where you'll find all your favorite animals designed just for your feet!  Here at Oooh Yeah! Socks (and our partners Oooh Geez! Slippers) we have cats, dogs, bears, birds, monkeys, llamas, sloths, unicorns & zebra slipper patterns that are sure to make you an honorary member of the pack. 

Slippers that Make Us Say Oooh 

A couple of our team's all time favorites are the Magic Unicorn Slippers featuring a purple fluffy unicorn design and Here Kitty Kitty Slipper Socks with a grey kitty cat theme.  We also want to make sure and mention our animal sock collection too which has a ton of different animal designs but in a sock form.