Ohyah. Music Duo

Ohyah & Oooh Yeah

We are so thrilled to partner with Ohyah. - a Pop Duo from Boston - featuring an unlikely, collaborative pairing between the hard-rockin’ stylist, Shaqed Druyan, and smooth-pop specialist Ry McDonald (real names.)

The duo began co-writing, recording, and releasing their music in the fall of 2020.

Ohyah.’s unique vibrantly-mellow pop sound earned their single “Outta My Mind (Ohyah!)” a nomination for Song of the Year, while the duo themselves received nominations for Pop Act of the Year & Best New Act from the New England Music Awards 2021.

“Outta My Mind (Ohyah!)” just passed 300,000 plays on Spotify and is can be heard right here

Thats not all though as Shaq & Ry have been hard at work and just released a brand new epic track called No Release.

We love everything about this song and video! So smooth and catchy and our Duckies Sock cameo help make the video super cute - with a twist. Check out the music video: https://youtu.be/ZJ0zxwX6q7g

Bottom line is great music and great socks are finally paired together and no matter how you spell it, we’ll celebrate with a great big Oooh Oh Yeah Yah!