National Forest Foundation & Oooh Yeah! Socks


About our Forests

Our National Forests are truly incredible. Forests are vital to our environment and forest protection is essential to our quality of life. Forests provide habitats for wildlife, clean water, and help keep climate change at bay.

What do National Forests cover?

Spanning 193 million acres, our National Forests provide clean water for 1/3 of Americans and visitors to National Forests contribute $13 billion dollars every year to our economy.

NFF connects communities with their Forests

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) connects communities with the forests. They make it possible to find the nearest forest and learn about the benefits of living near one. All across America, they have programs and projects that teach people about their local forests in an engaging way!

Why should I care about National Forests?

The protection of our National Forests is not just good for nature - it also benefits all Americans. These public lands provide jobs, clean water, and more to each of us year round.

Forests & Mountains

Unfortunately millions of acres are in need of restoration to protect watersheds, restore wildlife habitat, improve recreational opportunities and reduce the risk of wildlife. 

There is hope!

Fortunately, we are helping restore our National Forests. The NFF has planted millions of trees, restored streams and rivers, repaired trails and campgrounds, and helped local communities connect to their backyard forests.

Bob Ross Hug A Tree Crew Socks

At Oooh Yeah! Socks, each pair of Bob Ross Hug A Tree Crew Socks purchased on automatically donates 10% of sales to the National Forest Foundation to support their mission.

And for a leafy green bonus - our Bob Ross Hug A Tree Crew Socks have been designed with a special plant-able seeded label! Just add the sock tag to some soil, add water and watch your own happy little trees grow.